Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I think I've found it!!

Yes, that ultimate Unicorn us everyday planners seek: PLANNER PEACE. And I have to admit, I am SO relieved.

I finally found my planner peace not in a six ring binder set up... but in a Traveler's Notebook. They are what I turn to in my every day brain dump, my small business planning, my kids' schedules, my address book, my... well, everything!

These particular beauties of mine happen to be Chic Sparrow brand Traveler's Notebooks. Don't get me wrong, I am forever hunting for that beautiful fabric fauxdori, or that insanely gorgeous leather notebook. I just am at peace with the Traveler's Notebook style. Everything about it just entice's me! It is supremely customizable: literally they are like snowflakes! No two TN (traveler's notebook) are alike! 

I think I have finally found my niche, my purpose, my goal. To bring to light and to beautify, this amazing concept of what Midori (No, not the drink :P, the OG of the TN) gave to the world: the Traveler's Notebook.

Check back here, and follow our journey, as we decorate, customize, utilize and just enjoy our planner peace.. in our Traveler's Notebook!

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