Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm A Planner Hacker!

Quite literally! Hubby and I embarked on a new journey: planner hacking. We hacked apart, almost literally a planner. We took this:

well, not THAT exact one... but "A" Webster's Pages Color Crush binder... 
And made this:

Yes, We hacked the binder! We made it into a Color-Dori. Haven't y'all seen my new found passion for all things 'dori? I LOVE my new Color-Dori!! I mean LOVE! I will give you a quick toot(torial) about how to do it!

First, empty the binder. Next, take your trusty drill w/ a 5/16th drill bit and drill

 and remove the outer portion of the rivet, not drilling into the ring assembly. 

This will allow you to remove the ring assembly leaving two raised rivets on the binder itself.

Use the channel lock pliers to remove the outer rivet casing.

Drill out the center of the raised rivets with a 1/8th drill bit careful to not drill into the binder/"leather" itself. There is a metal backing BEHIND the "leather" we will get to that in a sec. 

These things? I have NO idea what they are called, but they work like... amazingly well to snip what's left of the raised rivets. At this point, we were just going to leave them, and just live with it but hubby being the guy he is... had to go one step further... Taking out the metal backing that is BEHIND the "leather". You can see a faint outline of it in the above picture. So, me being me, I thought we were done... so I don't have pictures of the taking out of the metal piece. BUT, I can tell you how it was done!

Make a small incision at or above slightly the remaining rivet hole. Don't worry, you only need to make one slice, and that will be covered up in the end! Taking needle nose pliers, remove the metal strip, and viola! Almost done! This is where you need to use that washi we allllllll have but rarely use. COVER THAT STUFF UP! Like so:

Now, this is the final picture... but I will tell you how to put the grommets in!

We used 5/32 grommets or 4mm. Same size. Using a hole punch, we punch a hole smaller than needed and then hammered the grommets in. Now, the whole grommet process is new to me, so I will link you to a grommet YouTube video that can help ya there. 

Sooooo.... here is the final product!

Psst:... hubby doesn't know he gets to do this again ;) Yay! 

Let me tell you... I LOVE THIS Color-Dori! It is AMAZING! Yes, I have to do special sized inserts for it, BUT if you do this w/ your personal sized binder... I WILL post these sizes in my etsy shop for you! Just ask! 

Thanks everyone! Have a great night!

PS: I am going to say it here FIRST. I have started using #stringgirlnotaringgirl on instagram, and I am the first one! EEP! Help me create a buzz w/ that saying!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fibromyalgia... and the Traveler's Notebook!

Hey,hey ,hey my beautifully gorgeous readers! How has your week been? Here at "The Chi" we have been super dee duper busy with making, cutting, printing...and more printing and cutting of our FIRST and newest inserts!

Our new inserts, that we print, bind, and cut ourselves, are AMAZING! These inserts are geared towards those who have any amount of chronic pain, or like illness, in that it helps you record and journal your daily pains, as well as help you keep track of your appointments and medications. This journal will definitely help you help your doctor treat you!

 For those of you that don't know, I have Fibromyalgia. I needed this journal to help me record my day, and I am hoping this helps you,too! THIS is why I love the TN so much! It is so versatile and you can make it ANY way you'd like!

To take a look at this insert :

These babies will SOON be up in my shop! Happy days, ladies and gents!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I think I've found it!!

Yes, that ultimate Unicorn us everyday planners seek: PLANNER PEACE. And I have to admit, I am SO relieved.

I finally found my planner peace not in a six ring binder set up... but in a Traveler's Notebook. They are what I turn to in my every day brain dump, my small business planning, my kids' schedules, my address book, my... well, everything!

These particular beauties of mine happen to be Chic Sparrow brand Traveler's Notebooks. Don't get me wrong, I am forever hunting for that beautiful fabric fauxdori, or that insanely gorgeous leather notebook. I just am at peace with the Traveler's Notebook style. Everything about it just entice's me! It is supremely customizable: literally they are like snowflakes! No two TN (traveler's notebook) are alike! 

I think I have finally found my niche, my purpose, my goal. To bring to light and to beautify, this amazing concept of what Midori (No, not the drink :P, the OG of the TN) gave to the world: the Traveler's Notebook.

Check back here, and follow our journey, as we decorate, customize, utilize and just enjoy our planner peace.. in our Traveler's Notebook!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Here we go.. Again!

Hellooooo everyone!! I am the first to admit, I am failing at this blog. So, I decided to get help. (Okay, Not THAT kind of help...((yet)) ;) I have decided to add a guest blogger whom I trust COMPLETELY! She is my crazy Canadian girl, Silvia! She brings a plethora of knowledge to the table. She is an avid knitter, new to the planning world and has a love for planning and a CRAZY obsession for pens and fonts. (Yeah, just ask how many fonts she has.. I dare ya!)

That said, I PROMISE to you that I will do better at this blog. I am also running a shop out of etsy, raising four kids(one of whom is in the Navy now, *sniff sniff*) , a stay at home mom and enjoying this new adventure!

This new adventure will include MORE videos, how-to's, what's in my bag, what's I'm doing now, lists, podcasts, and... oh, I just have ONE goody in my bag I need to keep close to my chest, right? Right!

So, welcome Silvia for me! Her contribution will be up in the next couple of days! Oh, and I made an intro video! EEP!! Enjoy!

xo, Jen

Friday, February 20, 2015


I am SUPER excited to announce... GIVEAWAY TIME!
Ladies (and gents!) follow me on over to instagram! I am @thecraftychi there. All you need to do is:

  1. Follow Me on Instagram @thecraftychi
  2. Repost Giveaway Post on Instagram
  3. Use the hashtag #thecraftychigiveaway
  4. Tag AT LEAST 2 friends! The more friends, more chances to win!

Here is what you get:
(Although, I do reserve the right to ADD things ;))

  • 2015 Kikki K Pocket Planner NEW!
  • Various mini gel pens
  • OMG, LOL, BFF sticky notes
  • 7 rolls of washi tape
  • Recollections Stamp
  • Paper Bows
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • Pearl Dot stick ons
  • Purple Pencils
  • Chevron Pen
  • Cuuuuute Notebook

GOOD LUCK!!! Winners will be posted Friday, March 6 @ 1pm!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Introducing.. Abby and me! Hi everyone! I'm Jen, mom to 4 (+ my furbaby Abby!), wife to 1. Well, you know... you never know :) Anyhow, I'm a stay at home mom, crafter, planner and all around DIY'er and love every minute! I am hooked on planning, planners, scrapping, and hanging out with my kids and my Chi. We reside in Central California in almost the middle of nowhere, so catching some of these paper/stationary/planner deals isn't as easy as a quick drive to the store. Thank goodness for the internet! That being said, we have a TON planned for you all! Besides this blog, we will have guest bloggers, videos up on YouTube, and at some point, PODCASTS! So, come, join me on this insane journey, and enjoy the ride!