Thursday, February 19, 2015


Introducing.. Abby and me! Hi everyone! I'm Jen, mom to 4 (+ my furbaby Abby!), wife to 1. Well, you know... you never know :) Anyhow, I'm a stay at home mom, crafter, planner and all around DIY'er and love every minute! I am hooked on planning, planners, scrapping, and hanging out with my kids and my Chi. We reside in Central California in almost the middle of nowhere, so catching some of these paper/stationary/planner deals isn't as easy as a quick drive to the store. Thank goodness for the internet! That being said, we have a TON planned for you all! Besides this blog, we will have guest bloggers, videos up on YouTube, and at some point, PODCASTS! So, come, join me on this insane journey, and enjoy the ride!

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